Our Story

Today we are determined to connect, develop and serve others around the globe to make an impact.  Our leadership mindset has been shaped by mentors and servant leaders who are at the top of their game. We stand by many of the success principles taught by  Darren Hardy,  keynote speaker, former publisher of SUCCESS magazine and NY Times best-selling author of “The Compound Effect”.

“Ultimately, the leaders who will succeed going forward will be those who can build leadership in others. Leadership is no longer about getting others to follow you, but building leadership in everyone around you.

You do this by developing the mindset and emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management) and skills sets (communication, time management, networking and team-building) so everyone can lead themselves in this constantly changing environment, thus leading you and the organization in the direction of your greater goals.

It comes down to this: The winning leaders of the future will be those who can develop leaders out of everyone in their organizations the fastest.”

~Darren Hardy

Jill Pearson

“With my faith, family and a team of friends and business partners, I have never been more purpose driven, to make an impact on lives, around the globe.  We invite you to explore who we are and join this incredible team.” ~Jill Pearson

Jill grew up in Daytona Beach Florida. Her grandfather, Harry was an entrepreneur who thrived in the Daytona Beach Florida, in the 1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s – She never forgets saying, “I want to own my own business,” just like her grandfather.  “I had no idea what that would look like, however there was a divine plan.”

Jill met Gabe at Florida State University, and after graduating worked in corporate communications for 15 years.  “My work was a blessing, however after having my daughter, Natalie – I still had to “clock into” work at 7AM and “clock out” at 4PM, every day.”

For more personal freedom, Gabe and Jill, both entrepreneurial, combined her communication skills with his fitness skills and together they grew a corporate wellness company.  “This business gave us the opportunity to work from home, and have more time with your children Natalie and Gabriel.

By 2009 we are managing all the moving parts of a small business including 18 employees, that served billion dollar corporations, –  In that first quarter, of 2009, we lost 3 six figure contracts that crushed our business and our personal finances.

With our entrepreneur spirit, determination and drive to move forward and as divine intervention would have it, a stranger Jill and Gabe to an dietary supplement or what they call an “activator that even being in the wellness space, we had never been exposed or educated on, – a better tool than antioxidants, a new paradigm, a new technology, in health  – that not only impacts our health it creates  an incredible opportunity.”

Jill says, “With mentorship and a team (hyperlink out to a page full of team photos) of the most incredible people we have ever worked with in our lives, our team proved that with a system, believing in oneself  and a solid opportunity that anything is possible –Now we move in a direction of an even greater purpose, with a gift that was given to us, to help others have the same choices and personal freedom we now have in our lives.

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Gabe Pearson

Gabe’s mother taught him at a young age, “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something, because you can do whatever you set your mind to, you just have to believe that you can.”

Gabe started his career in the fitness industry as a health club instructor making $2.13 an hour plus commissions. “It was the best time of my life – when we start our careers we all have hopes and dreams.”

Gabe’s aspirations were to own and operate health clubs all over the country and make millions. However, after 20 years of owning and operating gyms he realizes even though he owns those gyms he was still building someone else’s dream.

“I didn’t own the property that the gyms were on, I didn’t own the finance company that we sold our contracts to, and I didn’t own the leasing company that we leased our equipment through. I simply got tired of creating millionaires so I left the health club industry in 2002.”

Looking for more personal freedom, Gabe and Jill both entrepreneurial minded combined Gabe’s fitness skills with her corporate communication skills and they launched and grew a corporate wellness company.

By 2009 they were managing all the moving parts of a small business, including 18 employees, that served billion dollar corporations.  However, in that first quarter of 2009 they lost 3 six figure contracts crushing their business and personal finances.

Through an incredible chain of events, Gabe was asked to be a keynote speaker in Atlanta Georgia. At that event, a stranger had the courage to walk up to him and asked him one question that ended up retiring Gabe and Jill from the fitness industry in 22 months. She said, “Would you be willing to watch a nine-minute video on an ABC Primetime investigative report?” That was my hook, I remember saying this sarcastically, “You mean to tell me that ABC News actually did a positive spin on a dietary supplement? I want to see it!”’

“The rest is history,”  says Gabe. Now Gabe and his wife, Jill touch over 50,000 lives around the globe.

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Our Life Was Transformed